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At just 19 years old, Coach Roufs embarked on his coaching odyssey, and it didn't take long for him to leave an indelible mark. He led a Junior Varsity team to their first-ever championship victory, securing his place in the school's history books. This early triumph catapulted him into the spotlight, making him one of the most sought-after coaches in regions as diverse as Southern California, North Carolina, and his current home, Nashville.

What truly sets Coach Roufs apart is his holistic approach to development. Beyond the soccer pitch, he places a profound emphasis on education alongside athletic prowess, shaping players who not only excel under pressure but also adapt to challenges and thrive amidst stress. With over 30 years of coaching experience, Coach Roufs' expertise transcends geographical boundaries, having taken his knowledge and passion to countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, where he has successfully established youth programs.

Under Coach Roufs' expert guidance, numerous players have achieved extraordinary feats, earning accolades such as MVPs, top goal scorers, tournament champions, and All-Conference honors. His deep understanding of the game prioritizes proper player development, emphasizing the integration of mind, body, and technique.

Today, Coach Roufs offers more than just a coach's perspective; he provides a transformative experience for individuals seeking personal training, dynamic group training sessions, and soccer coaching that goes beyond the game. His dedication to nurturing not just athletes but well-rounded individuals shines through in his coaching philosophy. When you choose Coach Roufs, you're embarking on a journey of self-improvement that transcends the field, shaping you into the best version of yourself. Discover your potential with Coach Roufs and experience excellence in every aspect of your athletic journey."


person in white and red soccer jersey kicking soccer ball
person in white and red soccer jersey kicking soccer ball

1 on 1 Training

yellow and black soccer ball on field during daytime
yellow and black soccer ball on field during daytime

Group Training (up to 5)

Arsenal soccer stadium during daytime
Arsenal soccer stadium during daytime

Team Training


For a single 1-hr session. Price discounts given for more sessions booked as package

1hr (2-5) = $100 - $120

Price indicated is for the entire group.


Specialized team training is for 90min sessions

Director of Coaches

I proudly serve as the Director of Coaches for the competitive travel teams at Nashville Fútbol Club. At NFC, I have the privilege of leading and mentoring the next generation of soccer stars, helping them develop their skills, thrive under pressure, and excel in the beautiful game. With years of hands-on coaching and a profound understanding of player development, I am dedicated to providing our players with the best possible experience on and off the field. My role is not just about overseeing our programs but also about cultivating a soccer culture where growth, sportsmanship, and excellence are celebrated. We're not just a club; we're a family that shares the same passion for soccer, and I am thrilled to be a part of this incredible journey. Together, we aim to inspire, nurture, and shape the soccer stars of tomorrow.

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With the surging popularity of soccer in the US and major international events like the 2024 Copa America, 2026 World Cup, and a bid for the 2027 Women's World Cup on the horizon, there's never been a better time to embark on a journey in the beautiful game. Now is the time to learn from the best, and that's where I come in. As an experienced soccer coach with a passion for nurturing talent and fostering excellence, I'm here to guide you on your path to soccer success. Join me and seize this opportunity to elevate your game and be part of the future of soccer in the United States.